Mohamed Shehab, Professor

Current Students

  1. Elham Al Qahtani, Ph.D Student, Fall 2017-Present
    Current Research Topic: “Investigating Social Influences on User Policy Decisions”
  2. Lipsa Sahoo, Ph.D. Student, Fall 2017-Present
    Current Research Topic: “DNA Matching Privacy and Security”
  3. Hussein Hazazi, Ph.D. Student, Fall 2019-Present
    Current Research Topic: “Smart Locks Security and Privacy”
  4. Carlos Campos, Ph.D. Student, Fall 2020-Present
    Current Research Topic: “AI and Action Based Authentication”
  5. Sarah Tabassum, Ph.D. Student, Fall 2021-Present
    Current Research Topic: “Privacy of Smart Glasses”

Previous Students

  1. Md Nazmus Sakib Miazi, Ph.D., Fall 2016-Summer 2020
    Dissertation: “Exploring the Perceptions of a Users-as-Beacons System by Developing and Deploying a Real-Life Prototype”
    Currently: Assistant Teaching Professor at Northeastern University
  2. Usman Rauf, Ph.D., Fall 2016-Summer 2020
    Dissertation: “Bio-Inspired Cyber Security and Threat Analytics”
    Currently: Assistant Professor at Mercy College
  3. Abeer Al-Jarrah, Ph.D., Fall 2012-Summer 2018
    Dissertation: “Securing Mobile Hybrid Applications Through Configurations – First Line of Defense”
    Currently: Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University
  4. Yousra Javed, Ph.D., Spring 2012-Summer 2017
    Dissertation: “Usability and Social Network Policy Composition and Verification”
    Currently: Assistant Professor at the Illinois State University
  5. Fadi Mohsen, Ph.D., Spring 2013-Summer 2016
    Dissertation: “Exploring Varied Approaches for Countering the Privacy and Security Risks of Third-party Mobile Applications”,
    Currently: Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan at Flint
  6. Emmanuel Bello-Ogunu, Ph.D., Spring 2013-Summer 2016
    Dissertation: “A Framework for User-Centric Privacy Management Regarding Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons”
    Currently: MITRE Corporation
  7. Hakim Touati, Ph.D., Fall 2009-Fall 2012
    Current Research Topic: “Semi-Supervised Learning Approaches for Policy Management”
    Advised by Mohamed Shehab during (2009-2012)
  8. Gorrell Cheek, Ph.D., Fall 2008-Summer 2013
    Dissertation: “User Centric Policy Management”
    Currently: Security Officer in the Financial Services Sector.
  9. Said Marouf, Ph.D., Fall 2008-Summer 2012
    Dissertation: “Clustering and Recommendation Techniques for Access Control Policy Management”
    Currently: Engineering Manager at Zalando SE
  10. Moo Nam Ko, Ph.D., Fall 2007-Fall 2011
    Dissertation: “User-Centric Secure Cross-Site Interaction Framework for Online Social Networking Services”
    Currently: Senior Software Engineer at Prodigy Meters, NC
  11. Napoleon Paxton, Ph.D., Fall 2007-Fall 2011
    Dissertation: “Development of a Multi-layered Botmaster Based Analysis Framework”
    Currently: Research Scientist at Navy Research Lab, VA
    (Co-Advised with Gail-Joon Ahn)
  12. Wenjuan Xu, Ph.D., Fall 2007-Fall 2010
    Dissertation: “Systematic policy analysis and management.”
    Currently: Assistant Professor at Frostburg State University, MD
    (Co-Advised with Gail-Joon Ahn)
  13. Jing Jin, Ph.D., Fall 2007-Fall 2009
    Dissertation: “Assured Information Sharing for Ad-hoc Collaboration”
    Currently: Security Architect at Deutsche Bank
    (Co-Advised with Gail-Joon Ahn)